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Common Commercial HVAC Problems And How To Prevent Them

Common Commercial HVAC Problems and How to Prevent Them

How Can I Fix My Commercial HVAC Issues?

Whether you own or operate a business, warehouse, retail store, convenience store, or anything in between, having a functioning commercial HVAC is critical for supplying high-quality and clean air for your employees. When your commercial HVAC system is creating problems, is damaged, or isn’t functioning correctly, it negatively affects your business and employee efficiency. To ensure you are making a positive working and shopping environment, the expert HVAC team at Ross Company has come up with common problems we see associated with HVACs and how to fix them in a pinch quickly.


Experiencing Issues With The Thermostat Reader

Having an ill-working thermostat can be highly problematic for the air in your business as it doesn’t let you accurately tell what the temperature of the facility is. A common fix for this unruly problem is checking the thermostat’s batteries. Commonly, when the reader on the thermostat is broken, it is due to drained batteries. You can have a technician change the batteries or complete it yourself.


Loud Noises 

Have you noticed that your HVAC is beginning to make loud and strange noises that you are not used to hearing? These sounds could mean issues more significant than your usual tweak, but before you fret, look at the machine yourself. Check for any loose components of the HVAC, missing or loose screws, unfastened panels, or any other device portion that may be causing unnecessary or unusual noise.


Water Is Leaking From The Machine

Nothing is worse than finding a puddle of water beneath your HVAC machine. An issue with the collector box, evaporator, or exchanger often causes this puddle formation. The best course of action is to clean up the puddle and make an emergency appointment with your HVAC installer. Doing so will prevent the drain lines from clogging or cracking.


Lack Of Heat and Cooling Production

In those hot months, you may want more cool air to be produced from your HVAC system; when you notice a lack of this air, you need to check the refrigerant. Refrigerant is a liquid that goes into your HVAC system that is essential for removing heat and producing cool air. When the system loses or runs out of this liquid, your system will not be able to make cool air. This is a common problem that can be fixed with a simple recharge or refill of refrigerant.


Who Should I Call If I Have Problems With My Commercial HVAC System?

If you are experiencing the above problems or something more serious, call a reputable commercial HVAC service company immediately! If you are located in Massachusetts, Ross Company is a team of highly trained individuals that specializes in HVAC services. We can help you tackle any problem or situation regarding your commercial HVAC system to ensure it is back up and running better than ever! If you are interested in our services, contact us today!


Schedule an Appointment for Commercial HVAC Maintenance or Repairs With Ross Company Today!

Are you looking to get your commercial HVAC system upgraded, repaired, replaced, or installed? Look no further! Ross Company is a professional and experienced Commercial Refrigeration and HVAC service, sales, and installation company located in Haverhill, MA, serving all over Massachusetts. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled technicians, who will evaluate your HVAC system to ensure it looks great and lasts for years!

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