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How Do I Know If My Commercial Freezer is Damaged?

If you own a commercial business, whether a grocery, liquor store, or restaurant, you understand how important your walk-in freezer is to your business. When there is a problem with your walk-in freezer, you are putting your business in space for financial downfall as hundreds of dollars of products could be ruined. While regularly maintaining or fixing your commercial freezer seems like a potentially high cost, you are saving your business bigger repairs down the road. To keep your business up and running as smoothly as possible with your commercial freezer, the expert team at Ross Company has put together our top tips to know if your freezer needs to be repaired.


Top 4 Signs Your Commercial Freezer Needs To Be Repaired:



While yes, you want your commercial freezer to be cold, you do not want any frost build-up within the unit. When frost is present in the freezer, it is a key sign of a larger problem. Whenever there is build-up, it means there is warm air interacting with the cold freezer air, forming unwanted frost.


Fluctuating Inside Temperature

Are you noticing that the temperature of your freezer is fluctuating between high and low? If so, you need to get your freezer checked immediately. For food to be kept frozen and safe to consume, it must be in a consistently cold temperature. The food must be deemed unacceptable and unusable if the temperature fluctuates too much.


The Door Is Damaged

The door to a freezer is an essential component of keeping the cold air trapped inside. When this component is broken, the seal that shuts the freezer allows the cold air to escape, bringing in unwanted warm air. This can immensely affect the food and drink quality, calling for immediate repair.



Yes, there should be some noise coming from the walk-in freezer; there shouldn’t be a noticeably loud noise. These loud noises that should raise concern include squealing, hard-knocking, thumping, and anything that seems out of the ordinary from the usual humming sound.


When Should I Contact A Professional Commercial Freezer Repair Service?

Commercial freezer and walk-in freezer repairs require the expertise of a team of qualified technicians who can properly take care of your machine and business. Always check your potential refrigeration and HVAC company to ensure they are reputable and professional. If you are located in Massachusetts, Ross Company is a highly trained team specializing in all things commercial freezer and refrigeration. We service, install, and repair everything from restaurants, Bars, Convenience, or liquor stores!


Schedule an Appointment for Commercial Freezer Maintenance With Ross Company Today!

Are you looking to get your commercial HVAC, ice machine, or refrigeration system serviced regularly? Look no further! Ross Company is a professional and experienced Commercial Refrigeration and HVAC service, sales, and installation company located in Haverhill, MA. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled technicians, who will evaluate your HVAC system to ensure it lasts for years!

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  1. Thanks for explaining that frost buildup is also a common problem that could come up when using a commercial freezer. I’m interested in looking for a good commercial walk-in freezer repair service soon because I’m thinking about opening a family restaurant someday. Being able to properly manage a walk-in freezer will be important for handling its inventory.

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