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How To Maintain Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

How To Maintain Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Let’s face it, no one enjoys a warm drink or ice that is melted, that is why a commercial refrigerator is a key component to your establishment. Whether you run a restaurant, grocery store, or any thinking in between, cooling all your beverages and ingredients is a critical component to running a smooth and successful company. That is why it is so critical that you take care of your commercial refrigeration equipment, performing regular upkeep and routine servicing. If you are looking to keep your business and refrigerator running better than ever check out Ross Company’s top tips to maintain your business’s commercial refrigeration equipment.


Top Tips 4 For Maintaining Your Commercial Refrigeration Equipment


Clean The Inside & Outside

Cleaning is the basic component of any machine upkeep as it rids the dirt, dust, grim, and any other unclean materials from getting into your system. We recommend that you do a thorough cleaning of your machine at least every two weeks, maybe once a week. To do so, take all the materials out of the fridge and place them in a spare cooler, then use a cloth or soft brush to clean the surface and then use a cleaning solution for the interior. Do not use any harsh chemicals or hard water, this will harm your machine if you do so.


Clean the Condenser Coil

The condenser coil, which is located near the unit’s condenser, should be cleaned every single month if not more. This should be a part of your regularly scheduled cleaning as if the coil is overly dusty or dirty it can cause overheating of the machine and potential failure.


Check the Air Filters

If your refrigeration system is located in your business kitchen or anywhere that is exposed to grease or dust, your fridge’s air filters are sucking all of that in. This causes your machine to experience ventilation problems, affecting the speed and overall working of your fridge. When checking the filter, remove any debris, dirt, dust, or grim that is apparent on the filter. This will allow your machine to properly filter keeping it in good health.


Dry Off

If any liquid or water accumulates on the interior of your unit, wipe it off immediately. If it is left it may freeze over time, posing a difficult removal. Not only should you clean up any other spills, but check for moisture at least once a week. If you notice moisture time after time there may be a bigger problem with your machine.


When Should I Contact A Professional?

Commercial refrigeration servicing requires the expertise of a team of qualified technicians who can properly take care of your machine. We recommend that you get your commercial refrigeration equipment serviced regularly by a high-quality company. If you are located in Massachusetts, Ross Company is a team of highly trained individuals that specializes in commercial refrigeration. From self-contained and remote units you would most commonly find in restaurants, Bars, Convenience or liquor stores to large parallel systems you would find in supermarkets or large cold storage warehouse facilities, we do it all! If you are interested in our services contact us today!

Schedule an Appointment for Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance With Ross Company Today!

Are you looking to get your commercial HVAC, ice machine, or refrigeration system serviced regularly? Look no further! Ross Company is a professional and experienced Commercial Refrigeration and HVAC service, sales, and installation company located in Haverhill, MA. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled technicians who will evaluate your HVAC system to ensure it lasts for years!

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