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Do I Need My Commercial HVAC Repaired?

Do I Need My Commercial HVAC Repaired?

HVAC systems are an essential component of any business or property. HVACs are so important as they assist in controlling the heating and cooling conditions in any space, optimizing the environment of the space. This provides you and your customers with the best possible environment to get the best possible sales. When your HVAC is in need of repair it creates an unfavorable experience for your customers and employees, which may reduce productivity and create discomfort.


5 Signs Your Commercial HVAC System Needs Repairs


Excessive Moisture

Moisture such as condensation is typically a normal occurrence that is found on the HVAC unit, especially when producing air conditioning. Condensation is normal because it is a result of the HVAC’s normal operations. However, if there is a large increase in moisture other than the typical condensation, there may be a problem.


Bad Smells

Issues like mildew, mold, R-leaks and other problems can cause bad smells within your HVAC unit. The smells might be musty, sour, or all-around unpleasant. However, if the smell coming from the unit gives off a rotting odor, there may be a potential small animal that has died within your unit. If you recognize any poor smell or odor coming from your machine you need to get your unit serviced.


Increased Power Bill

If you notice your power bill is skyrocketing, it suggests that your HVAC machine is consuming too many resources. This happens when your HVAC has a difficult time producing cold or hot air, drawing way more electricity than otherwise used. In order to get your HVAC to function properly, have it serviced so the problem can be diagnosed.


Excessive Noise

If your HVAC or air conditioning is making excessive noise such as a clicking sound or intense buzzing, there may be a problem with your unit. Excessive noise can cause you, your employees, and visitors to be disrupted.



A sign that your HVAC needs to be serviced is intense humidity or very cold temperatures. If you are receiving complaints or notices from people that are visiting your business, get your HVAC serviced. That way you can ensure you are optimizing your space.


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